FavKit is developed from my small project in PHP course at my school. I was taught about the basics of PHP language and framework. At the beginning, I found it hard to familiarize myself with a new programming language. But after a short time, it was different, I was actually starting to like PHP. When I left this course, I created my own project made with Laravel framework. This project is a website that lets users signup for a new account and login to use a web toolkit. FavKit is my first project and because I do not want to it will be forgotten, so I decided to put the project out on the line and share it with you guys. I made a few modifications, namely removing user registration feature and using multiple locales. On August 21th 2018, FavKit was published on the Internet and now it can be accessed at: favkit.com. In the future, I will continue to develop and improve FavKit in the hope that it is getting more and more useful day by day. I hope you will enjoy it and continue to support my future projects. Thank you!